Spider Solitaire - Enjoy the Game

It is said that Franklin D Roosevelt invented Spider Solitaire which is often now referred to as the King of Solitaire games. Although Spider Solitaire can be played using actual cards, it is quite difficult for several reasons:

  • There is a huge amount of moving of the cards around as they form sequences.
  • As it is usually played with two decks and there are ten tableau piles, it is necessary to sit at a table
  • At the end of the game there needs to be considerable shuffling of the cards as, if the previous game had been won all the cards will be in suit and number sequence.
  • As the game has a width of ten tableau, and there needs to be a little space between so that cards aren't accidentally slipped into the wrong pile, it would probably be necessary to jump up and down to deal with the cards in either the extreme left or right tableau.

During the past few years Spider Solitaire has become considerably more popular because it is installed on most computers which have Microsoft Windows as their operating system.

It is considerably easier to play spider solitaire on the computer, and to know that all the shuffling of cards will be done without any effort from the player. It is also considerably easier to move a mouse and click to transfer the cards into another sequence rather than having to do it manually.

A straightforward game of Spider Solitaire takes approximately half an hour to play - this does depend on the level being played. More complicated games with four suits can take up to one hour to complete the game.

There is a considerable amount of skill required to complete the game as it is necessary to try and think through the next few moves. A simple game using only one suit should be relatively easy for a beginner to pick up.
With two colour games the colours aren't alternated through the game. They remain in the original suits. It is more complicated the more suits are added as they all need to remain in their original suits.

It is said that the success rate for completing the game is in the region of twenty five per cent although really skilled players may average fifty per cent. When the easiest format using one suit is played the opportunities to increase the numbers of wins should rise considerably - in fact, the number of wins by the writer of this piece when playing with just one suit is sixty sever per cent, and it should really be higher, as if interrupted, rather than saving the game, it is cancelled which is counted as a loss.

Spider Solitaire is a particularly good game as because a certain level of concentration is required, all attention has to be necessarily focussed on the game. Jumping from one suit to using two suits takes some time to conquer - however as long as the player is patient, he will be rewarded with a win after a few negative results.

Don't ever rush through a game of Spider Solitaire, it takes consideration before a move is taken. Enjoy the game - it will become addictive.

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